Why RoomIt?

RoomIt is a business travel service that
can help companies manage travel, save money,
and find the right room for each traveler.


Custom-Built Search Results






RoomIt offers a central booking platform designed to help business travelers quickly locate the right accommodation.


Intuitive Search

Our intelligent engine learns traveler preferences and uses historical searches.


Loyalty Programs

Personal loyalty membership influences search results, and our Loyalty Booster by CWT allows for opportunities to earn more.


Company Preferences

Corporate policies influence search results enabling companies to better manage travel programs and save money.


Peer Reviews

Reviews are written by coworkers and business travelers alike, making them relevant and reliable.



Accommodating Service




RoomIt has over 1 million properties along with an abundance of features, amenities, and tools to help satisfy a vast array of companies and travelers.


Expansive Business Lodgings

Our massive lodging repository is made up of properties specifically geared towards business travelers.


Accommodation Diversity

We have accommodation types from the major hotel brands to apartments and everything in between.


Negotiated Rates

We negotiate rates and display your company’s negotiated rates too.


Universal Access

All our services are accessible globally and available online, offline, and through our mobile app – CWT To Go.





Travel Peace of Mind






RoomIt has tools to help companies improve their bottom line and support travelers through emergencies while also providing travelers a dependable place to find great rates.



We have tools that help track and manage travel risk.


CWT AnalytIQs, our proprietary reporting tool, grants more visibility over travel budgets.


Competitive Rates

With our benchmarking tool, accommodation sourcing and negotiating prowess, our rates are consistently low.


Rate Availability

Most room rates are available through us, and many room rates are exclusive to us.





Looking for the right hotel rooms, in the right locations, at the right rates?


RoomIt is a business travel service that can help companies manage travel, save money, and find the right room for each traveler. 


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