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A robust corporate travel policy will mean you have clear guidelines that help reduce your business’s travel spend and meet your objectives, as well as improving employee security. But there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to enforcing it. As with the guidelines and procedures of the policy, your methods of ensuring compliance must be adapted to your business’s culture, and be flexible around your employees, industry and economy.

We can make this easy for you. Whether you’re arranging travel online, offline or on mobile, if your policy specifies a certain provider or price range, we will automatically filter search results by those preferences – so the right booking always gets made.



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Business travel policy and CWT AnalytIQs

We work with organizations big and small to help implement bespoke guidelines and procedures for air, hotel and car bookings. Our flagship CWT AnalytIQs software is a great way of enforcing your travel policy. It logs real-time data of every purchase – from airfare and hotel bookings to dinner and taxis – giving you an overview of what’s being spent where, when and by whom. You’ll be able to see right away if a business traveler has gone outside your policy, helping you keep your budgeting on track.




How to improve your travel policy compliance

We know that a lot of travel policy compliance depends on how clear and well-communicated your travel policy is. Making sure the policy is widely circulated and understood is the first step towards enforcing it – and we can make that happen wherever your travelers are in the world.

  • Tools – by automatically filtering search results based on your preferred providers and price range, every booking your business travelers make will be restricted to the framework of your policy.

  • Reporting – with CWT AnalytIQs you can keep a close eye on the bookings and purchases your business travelers make, generate reports to understand their behaviors, and ensure your travel policy keeps evolving to reflect their needs and preferences.

  • Communication – Our CWT Program Messenger app helps you quickly get in touch with business travelers, to remind them of policy or make them aware of any changes. Employees are your responsibility while they’re traveling, so this service is also an essential way to stay connected with them at all times.

  • Incentivization – Our CWT Solutions Group works with global organizations to improve traveler loyalty through gamification, which can be used to encourage employees to make the best financial decisions while they’re traveling. For example, if a traveler stays at a less expensive hotel, they could be rewarded with a room upgrade.


Need assistance with your corporate travel policy?

Making the most of your corporate travel budget is not just about enforcing your policy – it’s about having the right procedures that work for your organization and employees.

From defining your objective to setting out procedures, and making sure it’s communicated well, we work with companies across the world to make their corporate travel policies flow smoothly. Here’s where we can add value to you:

  • Benchmarking compliance – using traveler behavior analysis and gamification, we’ll make sure your policy gives you the edge. Then we’ll benchmark your corporate travel policy against your competitors, so you can learn what works and what doesn’t in your industry.

  • Policy review and development – Once you’ve created your corporate travel policy, we’ll work with you to ensure it keeps evolving to become even better, with employee suggestions incorporated into future iterations of the document.

  • Travel savings analysis – our innovative CWT AnalytIQs software gives you real-time insights into how your corporate travel budget is being spent to help you identify key opportunities for savings.

  • Supplier optimization – we work with suppliers across the world in order to secure great rates on hotels, airfares and car rental. We can also help you negotiate further discounts with suppliers you use on a regular basis.


Connect with us today to start improving your corporate travel policy compliance. Need help putting together an effective travel policy? Take a look at our step-by-step guide.


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