How to increase hotel compliance with hotel loyalty points

How to Increase Hotel Compliance with Hotel Loyalty Points

Based on a 2019 GBTA study, 37% of hotel bookings are made outside channel, which is more than double air leakage rate (15%).



Travel buyers say loyalty drives non-compliance.

Reasons for leakage


3 in 10 travelers are willing to sacrifice safety for hotel loyalty and reward incentives.

Graphic of travelers willing to sacrifice safety for hotel loyalty and reward incentives

So, how do you get loyalty to work for you instead of against you?

Instead of competing with offers like these, offer loyalty promotions in-channel with your preferred partners.

How does it work?

Loyalty Booster awards travelers bonus hotel loyalty points or miles for booking your preferred partner in-channel.

CWT partners with suppliers to get additional points and miles for travelers.

We run limited-time Loyalty Booster campaigns to reward travelers for booking in channel.

Travelers earn bonus points or miles.

Participate in Loyalty Booster by CWT

Loyalty Booster by CWT is an exclusive, campaign-based program that awards travelers additional Loyalty Points and miles just for booking their company's corporate preferred hotels in-channel.

We've made it so easy for you and your travelers to participate that you literally have two steps to take.


Step 1:

Say yes if you want to participate in a supplier campaign. You are automatically opted into campaigns unless you do not want to participate and your program manager has likely already identified your preferred brands.

When a campaign is available for one of those brands, we'll let you know. We email your travelers the good news and promote the campaign in booking channels.

Step 2:

Post or share the email and intranet copy we sent you and wait for results.

Optional Step 3

Measure traveler satisfaction before and after. Did it go up?

What about my travelers?

If they don't have a hotel loyalty number on their CWT profile, then they will need to add it. Otherwise, they just need to book in-program, and we'll automatically reward their account following their stay.

The Results

CWT offered travelers 1,000 bonus hotel loyalty points per eligible booking for two months. The results:

More Good News

  • Exclusive program for CWT clients
  • No cost to participate
  • No work for you
  • You choose the supplier


Loyalty booster used the hotel loyalty rewards your travelers already love to improve program compliance. These bonus points and miles can be applied to any rates, including your corporate negotiated rate, and the program never incentivizes higher prices. It does, however, shift overnight stay volume to your preferred suppliers, thus improving your future negotiating position.

Best of all, Loyalty Booster costs nothing and requires no work from you. RoomIt sets up the campaigns, messages travelers, promotes campaigns within booking tools, and automatically bonuses the points directly into your traveler's hotel loyalty reward accounts after booking.

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