The GBTA Traveler Sentiment Index™


The GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™, in partnership with RoomIt by CWT, aims to understand how business travelers feel about their experience and how those feelings affect their travel behaviors. ​

Each release will seek to identify different key drivers of business traveler satisfaction while examining trip behaviors, experiences, preferences and challenges. This index will also measure changes in sentiment on a quarterly basis.

Traveler Sentiment Index

(First Wave)

Health, Safety and Booking Needs

Traveler sentiment is high in all regions, and most people feel travel is very important to their company's financial performance. The first wave of the index provides an overview of traveler booking needs, and how health and safety, among other things, impact traveler sentiment.

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Traveler Sentiment Index

(Second Wave)

Technology and Innovation

Traveler sentiment remains strong as outlook of the economy also remains strong. The second wave of the index highlights some of the technology and innovations that interest business travelers.

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