The GBTA Traveler Sentiment Index™ First Wave


Health, Safety & Booking Needs

68% of business travelers would like to travel more often, or much more often. ​

This is a very positive sign for traveler sentiment, but it also means travelers need to be equipped with the right technology in order to maintain their high sentiment and willingness to travel. life into your sourcing strategy in this eBook.

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RoomIt by CWT partnered with GBTA to understand what factors influence business traveler satisfaction.

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Satisfied Travelers Are Compliant Travelers

On average, 40% of business travelers book hotels outside of their corporate travel program, leaving you to wonder:

  • How can I improve their satisfaction?
  • How can I keep my employees safe?
  • How do I still drive savings?

The RoomIt Philosophy

To increase engagement and compliance, you need to offer business travelers choice, plus a better booking experience.

Why RoomIt?

RoomIt by CWT offers corporate travelers everything they need and want: a wider variety of business-relevant properties and destinations, easy-to-use tools, amenities and loyalty points. There’s no reason to book anywhere else.