Business trips can end

with a bonus.


With Loyalty Booster from RoomIt by CWT,
business travelers can earn bonus points from their favorite
hotel loyalty programs when they take a business trip,
which boosts their satisfaction and your travel program’s results.







Show your employees a little love – and loyalty – and they’ll show you the same.

RoomIt by CWT partners with leading hotel chains and airlines to offer exclusive incentives ranging from bonus hotel program loyalty points (Yes, that means extra points on top of those already earned) to airline miles to keep business travelers happy and booking within your program.


All at no cost or effort to you.





“Travel programs are often seen as restrictive. Loyalty programs present an opportunity to generate positive PR, increase traveler satisfaction and help deliver on program goals. Test them and use the data to determine if they are right for your program.”


Marilyn Magallan,
Global Travel Lead,
Yanfeng Automotive Interiors





Proof that some corporate travel is more rewarding than others.

There aren’t many programs that can win over both travelers and your boss. This is one.


You can increase traveler satisfaction and drive in-channel bookings, shift share to preferred suppliers, and improve your negotiation positioning. All leading to lower hotel program costs.


Happy boss, check.  Happy travelers, check, check.






“The recent campaign offered great benefit for (our) travelers to receive additional bonus points; while at the same time driving our online adoption. In addition, it also gives us some extra leverage with one of our key preferred global suppliers come negotiation time.”


Global Travel Manager,
CWT Client





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