Why RoomIt?



RoomIt offers business travelers everything they need
and want—choice, easy-to-use tools, and loyalty points.
There’s no reason to book anywhere else.



Savings—just waiting to be uncovered.

Low rates? They’re kind of our obsession. Day in, day out, teams around the globe are dedicated to negotiating the best rates and amenities for your travelers. That’s why it’s nearly impossible to find better rates anywhere else.*


If a lower rate does become available, our Price Tracking technology knows it and automatically rebooks it for you.



Great Technology Finds Great Rooms.

RoomIt delivers relevant hotel results based on your company policy, negotiated rates and traveler preferences.


All of our services are accessible online, offline and through our mobile app. We fully support all of these channels, so travelers only need one point-of-contact.



Loyalty Counts.

Let’s face it. Business travelers love hotel loyalty points. And you love when travelers book within your program’s policy and channels.


What’s the solution?


Loyalty Booster by CWT offers travelers bonus points from their favorite hotel loyalty programs. And it works. Hotel attach rate increased by up to 12%.


It's Time for a New Approach.

We're solely focused on helping you build a safe, cost-effective hotel program.


We know it can be difficult when travelers book outside of your policy and travel channels. That's why we've hired a dedicated team of supply, product, and industry experts to help your travelers find the right accommodations quickly and easily.


We are driven to change how business travel works. And that's what we do every day.



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*Analysis of a sample set of hotel room night rate audits by RateGain, a third party firm contracted by CWT, found RoomIt by CWT meets or beats the best rate available 95% of the time. Their audits are performed monthly with two mid-week stay dates that are two weeks apart. Sample of 12k properties contracted by CWT and rotated monthly.